Harvest Collection

The Harvest Collection is about collecting and gathering materials from the earth’s bounty and incorporating them into our daily life. Sabina incorporates natural fibres, tanned salmon skins, and animal hides into her signature Northwest Coast style.


Oyster salmon leather backing with white lacquer finish whale motif and solid walnut frame. 

Sabina Hill with Mark Preston

Edition 25
H 24″ L 32″ D 1.5″

The Swim Wall Panel, selected by Vancouver interior designer, Andrea McLean for her clients’ Coal Harbour penthouse guest bedroom. Photography, Ema Peter and stylist, Laura Melling.


The Sabina Hill Design Inc. logo, designed by Steve Smith, features Sabina’s spirit animal, the beaver – the “architect” of the animal world. An inset metal logo authenticates her artwork, and collectors also receive a certificate of authenticity.