"Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right or better." John Updike

First Nations Now: Between Worlds
In conjunction with Origins Festival of First Nations, London, UK
June 9 - 25, 2017
Indigenous Canadian artists, from the Northwest Pacific Coast to the Cree heartland, explore hybridity and autobiography. Traditional art practices and iconography meet remix culture, performance art and corporeal narrative, reconstructing personal and shared identities betwixt realities.

Lithographs by Robert Davidson, Haida; sculptural photography by Meryl McMaster, Plains Cree; digital interventions by Kwakwaka’wakw Sonny Assu; and panel and hide paintings by Kwakwaka'wakw Steve Smith; as well as Inuit block prints and the Prow Table by Sabina Hill.

October 10 to 6 November 25 2013
A showcase of 5 BC furniture designers and artisans, exploring where sustainability intersects with story, to reinforce the concept of heirloom.
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Douglas Reynolds Gallery
Fifteen, Group Show, September 2010
Celebrating the Douglas Reynolds Gallery's fifteenth anniversary.

Arts Umbrella 2010
Splash Charity Auction
Sabina donated the Pod Table (Formlines Collection), & Serving Tray and Candle Surrounds (Accessories Collection)

Beaver Tales Canadian Art and Design
16 September to 6 December 2008
This exhibition showcases both emerging and established designers and craft makers, alongside seminal artists who spearheaded the tradition of interpreting and celebrating Canadian countryside and wildlife in their artwork.

Inuit Gallery
Dwell Collection, March 2008

Inuit Gallery
New Spirit Collection, May 2007

Stonington Gallery
Through the Eyes of the Northwest Coast Woman, November 3 - 28, 2005
Visit the Stonington Gallery website for more information: www.stoningtongallery.com

Objects of Bright Pride, 2005
A First Nations Art Auction Featuring Northwest Coast Art
A benefit for Bill Reid Foundation projects and the newly established Bill Reid Centre for Northwest Coast Art Studies at Simon Fraser University.

Inuit Gallery
Sabina Hill New Work July 16 to August 5, 2005
Visit the Inuit Gallery website for more information: www.inuit.com

Arts Umbrella 2005
Arts Umbrella Charity Art Auction October 2005

Building Elements III Metals January 20 - March 7, 2005
Architectural Institute of British Columbia