Owl 'Totem' and Triptych

Sabina Hill with Mark Preston

The 'Totem' is a two-tone upholstered element that features an Owl and Owlet motif, CNC cut into leather, hand-stitched together and upholstered on an angled frame with colours celebrating the client's love of aubergine.

This sculptural art installation with its luxurious textured backdrop of tanned salmon skins is hand-sewn to retain the distinct salmon shape. The triptych depicts an owl with its wings outstretched, flying gracefully over the fireplace, finished in Sabina's custom 'otter' colour high gloss lacquer to complement the upholstered 'Totem.'

The leather colours from Sabina Hill's exclusive leather collection are evocative of the Pacific Northwest Coast: octopus, purple starfish and shoreline.