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Sabina Hill - New Works, Fall 2011
armchair thunderbird

Sneak Peek!

This is your invitation to see the first piece in the Harvest Collection being unveiled at IDS West on September 29th, 2011. Booth number 826.

The Harvest Collection is about collecting and gathering materials from the earth and incorporating all parts of that bounty into our daily life. Sabina draws attention to the natural world by contrasting hard surface materials, like metal, glass and wood, with the soft, tactile materials of leather and tanned salmon skins, adding a layer of luxury and comfort to each piece.

The armchair is the first piece in the Harvest Collection, representing a new direction for the designer as she introduces soft goods into her northwest coast style. This limited edition armchair features the exclusive design work of First Nations artist Andy Everson, as well as solid walnut and hand-sewn Italian leather with diamond tufted detailing, reflecting the traditions of the past while speaking to the future of design. Sabina draws inspiration from the world of fashion and reveals the journey of an artist as she moves from one collection to the next.

This season, Sabina Hill will be exploring colour, texture and light as she introduces tanned salmon skins into her work. From sofas and ottomans, to cushions and wall panels, these pieces are sure to turn heads.

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Ashby Residence

Sabina's artwork is available to collectors, interior designers, architects, and specifiers. Her collections are on display at select contemporary galleries and are also available for purchase directly through Sabina Hill Design Inc.

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About Sabina Hill

Canadian Designer Sabina Hill, in collaboration with First Nations artists, creates art, limited edition furniture and custom installations which merges the rich mythology of North West Coast aboriginal culture with a contemporary design aesthetic. Sabina skillfully integrates Native motifs into her work creating a unique, contemporary expression, one that evokes the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and celebrates the convergence of two distinct design cultures.

Sabina Hill
Copyright © 2011 Sabina Hill. All rights reserved.
Photography: John C Watson / imps.ca
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