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Sabina Hill - Feast Collection February 2010
Feast 8 Table
Whale, Eagle and Salmon Whale, Eagle and Salmon

Sabina Hill with Mark Preston (Tlingit)
L 101" W 44" H 29 1/2"
Edition 10
Rift cut white oak with ebonized oak legs, laser cut bronze anodized aluminum and 3/4" thick tempered glass.

The new Feast Collection with its regional ingredients, celebrates entertaining and feasting sumptuously with the limited edition Feast 8 Table, Feast 10 Table and Feast Sideboard.

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Feast Sideboard & Bear Wall Panel

Feast Sideboard & Bear Wall Panel

Sideboard: Whale

Sabina Hill with Mark Preston (Tlingit)
L 6' W 18" H 26 3/4"
Edition 10
Rift cut white oak and ebonized oak slab legs.

Bear Wall Panel

Sabina Hill with Andy Everson
H 43" L 43" D 2.25"
Custom white high gloss lacquer and matte finish with solid white oak frame.
Edition 10

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Ashby Residence

Ashby Residence

Sabina designed the home environment for this oceanside West Vancouver residence integrating both her art and design, featuring the Feast 8 Table and Sideboard, and sand carved glass "totems" for the wine room.

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Ashby Residence

Ashby Residence

Sabina's furniture and artwork is available to collectors, interior designers, architects, and specifiers. Her collections are on display at select contemporary galleries.

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604 736 3034

About Sabina Hill

Designer Sabina Hill, in collaboration with First Nations artists, creates original custom furniture, art and installations which merges the rich mythology of North West Coast aboriginal culture with a contemporary design aesthetic. Sabina skillfully integrates Native motifs into her work creating a unique, contemporary expression, one that evokes the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and celebrates the convergence of two distinct design cultures. Her handcrafted museum quality works are authenticated limited editions and commissions that showcase an ever-expanding palette of materials which reflect her eminently collectible and evolving design aesthetic.

Sabina Hill
Copyright © 2010 Sabina Hill. All rights reserved.
Photography: John C Watson / imps.ca
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